Creating Beautiful, Efficient and Long-lasting Homes



Value of Money

Timely Delivery

Peace of Mind

ISO Quality Standards

  •   Use of branded material and Minka approved brands
  •   Better strength, higher durability and longevity

Indian Standard Codes for Construction

  •   We ‘build right’ the first time when it matters the most
  •   We address important safety concerns against earthquakes and other natural forces

Latest Technology for Construction

  •   Use of RMC and other modern construction techniques wherever possible
  •   In house project management to ensure quality workmanship

Weekly Progress Report

  •   Complete Material Report which empowers you to track procurement, usage and availability of stock
  •   Images and videos
  •   Transparent program for you to understand your cash flow.

Daily Workforce Report

  •   Gives you assurance about the number of hands engaged on a daily basis

Surveillance Secured Site

  •   All your work is under CCTV monitoring 24 X 7
  •   Reduces possibilities of theft and damage

Aggregated Procurement

  •   Helps in reducing material cost by 5 - 10 %
  •   Fixed Rates through preferred alliances

Innovative Design Techniques

  •   Innovative designs which provide highest value for money
  •   Optimised structural design which helps in reducing re-work and re-designing

Energy Savings Design

  •   Homes designed to help you reduce your energy requirements
  •   Cross ventilation & roof insulation reduce the dependency on Air Conditioners or heaters

200 days* execution

  •   From Designing to Handover
  •   50% savings in time compared to traditional contractors
  •   Dedicated teams working around the clock to ensure timely completion
  •   Regular updates via automated bots which allows you to track progress of the project

One Stop Solution

  •   Plan Approval to Handover
  •   Simple 3 Step Process
  •   Guidance from experts at each step
  •   Regular visits by Project Managers & Experts
  •   Certification for building design and strength

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